Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daemon Will Play Dubstep for You

Daemon Will Play Dubstep for You by monster-0

This is a sampling of the dubstep tracks I've been playing at my DJ sets recently.
0:00 Kid Cudi - Cudi Zone (KillaGraham Remix)
1:38 Adroa - 64
3:29 Bassnectar - Blast Off
8:42 Adroa - Decimation
10:05 Chasing Shadows - Ill
12:22 Datsik - Firepower
14:13 Datsik & Flux Pavilion - Game Over
16:30 Doctor P - Watch Out
18:47 HULK - I Drink I Smoke
20:48 Liquid Stranger - Bully
22:16 Reso - Beasts in the Basement
27:10 Liquid Stranger - Ripple
30:09 Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
31:56 Skrillex - Cinema
Mixed live with two turntables.
If you like any songs in this mix, make sure you support the artist.


Roboboots said...

I don't normally listen to dubstep.

But when I do, I have Daemon play it for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daemon! Could you upload your music to a hoster or something? Maybe even youtube? Other websites doesn't work for me. I want to listen to your dubstep =)