Monday, August 4, 2008

Monster-0 Presents: Don't Worry About the World

my second full-length, to be released sooner than later, will be called Don't Worry About the World.  i just handed it off to the mastering engineer who is hard at work getting it to sound as choice as possible.  as soon as he's finished (which could be as early as later this week) i'll post song samples on myspace.  until then, here's what the track list looks like:

1. let's have a sunset together
2. you are my drum machine
3. don't worry about the world
4. keep me informed
5. every part of the world
6. entex
7. fall apart again
8. card game clock
9. young man, be wary!
10. robocop vs. terminator
11. let's say our goodbyes