Thursday, November 19, 2009

Background Processes is Now Available on iTunes

BUT -- the tracks aren't in the right order for some reason. I'll get it sorted out, but for now if you want to download from iTunes here is the correct song order:

1. Proper Form
2. Telespel
3. Kibodo
4. Save Room
5. Saline Solution
6. Kompyutagemu
7. Soshiki
8. Cubicle
9. Hirakimus
10. You're Not Naive
11. TX-0
12. For Refined Adults
13. Happy Every Day
14. Record Our Enjoyments
15. Racing
16. She Cares Too Much
17. I'm Out of My Mind with Loneliness
18. Hotondo
19. Make Sure You Go Under
20. Special Fear
21. It Comes in Waves
22. Hikoki
23. More Strongly Hold Me
24. Kanashi
25. Ending

Also, CD Baby sold out of the disc right away (thanks everyone!) but I'll be back in stock in a couple days.

I could really use reviews on both CD Baby and iTunes, so if you picked up a copy please leave a few thoughts.

Thanks so much for your support,


Paul Waltz said...

Wow Daemon! I have been addicted to this album. Seriously kick ass work man. I'll put up a review on iTunes.

Obed said...

I finally got to listen to the whole album from beginning to end. I really love the ambiance of it. It reminded me of listening to the Metroid Prime Soundtrack all the way through too. Looking forward to your next project.

Ziploc said...

Hey Daemon! I love your album.

I was wondering though. Was there ever a release/download for the vocalized version on Podcast Beyond Episode 118?