Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monster-0 Presents: Daemon

i am pleased to announce my next release, although it isn't a Monster-0 record. i've collected many of the instrumental electronica tracks i've recorded over the years onto one album, which i'm releasing under the name "daemon." the album is called Background Processes and it is 25 songs long.

this release has been a long time coming and i'm pretty proud of it. some of these tracks date back to 2003 and they all were recorded in my bedrooms in Chicago and San Francisco. it's a pretty mellow record full of melodic electronica, '80s synths, and lo-fi drum machines. a lot of the songs are fairly short, in the two minute range. it's meant to be taken as a whole and this will definitely be a case where it's more economical to get the full album rather than singles. it's $10 for 25 songs.

a few examples of when you might want to listen to Background Processes:
  • while making breakfast on a Sunday morning
  • while driving late at night
  • while writing a love letter to your crush
  • while tinkering with your time machine in the garage
  • while playing Magic: The Gathering
my good friend David Adams created the design. it turned out great.

here is the opening song on the album, called "Proper Form":

Proper Form by monster-0

you can listen to 10 songs from the album over at my new MySpace page (sorry, i know MySpace hasn't been cool for 20 years, but every musician has to have one...).

Background Processes will be out in November. i hope you'll check it out.

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