Saturday, July 25, 2009

Max Fun Times

so i've written the music for my first videogame. clarification: i didn't make the game, i just provided the music and sound effects. it was a lot of fun, and definitely something i want to do more of in the future.

the game is called Max Fun Times, and it's a drinking game available now on Xbox Live Indie Games. it was developed by Claymerikorp, a shadowy new developer that not much is known about. the team contacted me via carrier pigeon because they needed the hot beats, and hot beats are my trade.

it's a fairly standard drinking game where you spin a wheel and have to do whatever the tiles tell you to do. the object is to get panda and, hopefully, land on the very special "Max Fun Times" tile. but the really cool aspect of the game is you can edit the tiles to say whatever you want. invite every girl you know over to your place, and change all the tiles to read "every girl in the room has to make out." the power is in your hands.

since this is a party game i tried to create a party atmosphere with a mix of hip-hop and electro tracks. here's what you hear at the title screen:

and here are the background beats you hear during a game:

when you achieve "Max Fun Times," you're gonna want to get up and dance. so i created a little breakdance tune that plays whenever you land on this ultimate tile:

i also made all the incidental sound effects you hear in the game.

so Max Fun Times is now available on Xbox Live for 200 Points, the lowest amount a developer can charge for their game (at least it was the lowest amount when the game was submitted for approval). Claymerikorp would have preferred to release the game for free, but Microsoft has to put food on its table, you know? check out the game and let me know what you think.


Dave said...

Hahahaha this game sounds fun. I like the music and SFX you did for it. Never knew the coolest Game Scooper had good music out there as well.

Chev said...

Haha, I bought this game, basically for the music xD. I'm underage, and I don't drink (for real), So I changed everything to what you said, "every girl in the room has to make out." Now all I have to do is throw a party >:D Lmfao, seriously though, great in-game tunes, SFX, and a funny game to go with it, awesomeness.