Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monster-0 Would Have a 100% Metacritic Rating

that is, if Metacritic tracked self-released albums by independent artists. i've just received the first review of my latest album, Don't Worry About the World, and it is positive. i'm batting 1000 over here.

PlugInMusic says, "If I were booking a Daft Punk tour I'd sign Monster-0 as the opening act." click here for the full review.

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Sully said...

Just got the album, and have happily spent the last two hours with Monster-0 caressing my ears!

I tried before coming here, which isn't you, then punched in, (thinking of your MySpace) - I recommend you try it for yourself.

Great job on the album! I'll be giving the commentary a listen shortly - hope it doesn't ruin the magic!