Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Well, hello there

welcome to the new Monster-0 blog.  in this age of myspace and free blogs, it just doesn't make sense to pay for web hosting and operate a site i have neither the time nor the talent to manage well.  so, instead of www.monster-0.com, you'll be able to find all Monster-0 updates right here.

speaking of updates, i have a new song to share with you.  i'm about half way done with a proper, new full-length album, and this is just a little taste.  it's called "let's say our goodbyes."

oh, i should take this opportunity to remind folks that my name is pronounced monster "zero," not monster "oh." Monster-0 is one of the monsters from the old Godzilla flicks.

in other news, against my better judgement, i'm turning 30 this saturday. because these milestones are passed more successfully with friends and alcohol, i'm having a little get together on January 31. it will be at the Space Gallery in downtown San Francisco, 1141 polk st. i'll also be playing a Monster-0 dj set that night. festivities start at 8:30. if you're in the bay area, by all means please join us.


Drea said...

pretty cool mr. hatfield!

Ryan said...


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Made from plexiglass!